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How To Interview a Front End Developer Medium

It gives you additional insight into what their soft skills are, how they collaborate on a team and how they approach work. You want to understand how your candidate will be affected by the moods of others. You also want to see what this person would do to help improve the situation, like checking in with the team member and keeping the rest of their team on track to reach their goals. How does your candidate pass along key information during busy times? You’ll want to know they understand the importance of this and that they have the skills necessary to communicate effectively and efficiently. This question will help you establish if your candidate is going to be able to work well with your team. Working in a collaborative environment requires shared mutual respect amongst everyone.


I would have had to basically pull an all nighter to complete the test without any guarantee that I would even receive an offer at the end of it. Needless to say I did not do the test because at that point I received a second offer and had no reason to bend over backwards. HR managers have a limited amount of how to become a front end developer to evaluate the technical knowledge and practical experience of a candidate. Once you have five or six years under your belt, interviewers will rarely ask you complex questions about technology, design, development, or even user experience.

Question #5: How Do You Stay Updated on the Latest Front-End Development Trends?

You can https://remotemode.net/ code with simpler commands, and you don’t have to include symbols, which makes this language easier to write. It’s easier for other programmers to maintain and build because they don’t have to wade through long strings of code to modify a program. Meta tags can include any type of information you want to include to make your site easier to find such as keywords, descriptions, and more. You can also use a meta data tag to indicate when your site was last updated or to program your webpage to automatically refresh. A stylesheet is a template file consisting of font and layout settings to give a standardised look to a website or web application. To keep a consistent look and feel to a project, there should only be one stylesheet.

It also supports audio and video playback and introduces support for local storage. A front-end development tool is any software that helps develop a website or web application. Some of the most popular front-end development tools are code editors and IDEs, task runners, and CSS preprocessors.

What do you understand by a callback function?

CSS Grid layout is a W3 system for making entire page layouts. It creates complex responsive web design grid layouts easily and consistently across browsers. While Grid is ideal for grids and full pages, flexbox is great for groups of items on a page. Flexbox or Flexible Box is a W3 specified layout system for CSS. It allows the automatic arrangement of responsive elements inside a container depending upon the screen size. A strict mode “this” will be undefined in a top-level function, while a non-strict mode “this” will be the window object.

  • When you work on projects, you’ll have to problem solve, debug, and research possible methods to assist you.
  • Whether creating a design or writing code the interesting part to me was the end result for the user.
  • That’s because the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 23% increase in new web developer jobs over the next decade.
  • There are many different grid systems available, but the most popular one is Bootstrap.
  • Mixin is one of the blocks of code with which we can group CSS declarations.

You could keep a spreadsheet with key points to help you decide whom to move forward with through the process. If you are interested in saving your company time and energy on finding the right front-end developer, we encourage you to start with Revelo. Revelo will help with all of your nearshoring needs, and get you matched with the right candidates so that you can fill the roles quickly and efficiently. On the other hand, technical interview questions are the ones that get into the weeds of the code you’ll work with day-in and day-out.

What are CSS Sprites?

Receive must-read articles and trends on company culture, hiring and work/life balance from leading publications. This is your candidate’s chance to brag and demonstrate their abilities. It will give you a glimpse into their personality, passion and dedication to their work.

  • You want to be able to trust your front end developer to keep up to date with new relevant technologies and have a clear idea of when and what should be used.
  • Merge is used to incorporate new commits into your feature branch.
  • Common ways to organize code are by tags, by programming language, or by asset type.
  • This stores frequently used files locally, so they don’t need to be downloaded every time a user visits your site.
  • Meta tags consist of character encoding, title, or even description.

It’s also a great way of learning about a candidate’s problem-solving skills. Ask how they managed conflict with their teammates and how they contributed to the resolution. By channeling his personal experiences and growth, Aarón is working to advance important social issues. Read his full story to see how he’s translating his community pride into a thriving career. On Fishbowl, you can share insights and advice anonymously with Capital One employees and get real answers from people on the inside.

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